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CALF-20: A carbon capture success story A net-zero economy will require marketable, large-scale, and energy-efficient solutions to capture carbon dioxide (CO2). For the greatest effects, these would be implemented at high-emitting locations, such as power plants, metal, cement, and chemical refineries. However, this is more easily said than done. Despite the challenges associated with developing feasible […]

A scalable metal-organic framework as a durable physisorbent for carbon dioxide capture

A hydrophobic CO2 physisorbent Most materials for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture of fossil fuel combustion, such as amines, rely on strong chemisorption interactions that are highly selective but can incur a large energy penalty to release CO2. Lin et al. show that a zinc-based metal organic framework material can physisorb CO2 and incurs a lower regeneration […]

MOF Sorbent on a Roll – A Scalable Solution for Gigaton Scale Carbon Capture

• Results of research published today in the international peer-reviewed journal, Science.• A durable and scalable metal-organic framework (MOF) captures CO2 with high capacity, high stability and selectivity over steam with modest regeneration penalty.   VANCOUVER, BC, December 16, 2021 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Svante Inc. announced today the successful scale-up of a new sorbent material used in […]