La Saskatchewan à l’avant-garde du captage de CO2 | Radio-Canada

L’une des plus anciennes usines de captage de dioxyde de carbone dans le monde se trouve à Estevan, dans le sud-est de la Saskatchewan. Ceci rend la province à l’avant- garde dans le captage de CO2 à l’échelle commerciale selon le président-directeur général de Svante, Claude Letourneau.

Capturing CO2 more efficiently: Svante CEO | BNN Bloomberg

Claude Letourneau, president and CEO at Svante, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his company’s technology and how it works to capture CO2 emissions before they escape into the atmosphere. He also speaks to future growth opportunities.

The Role of CCS in the Global Energy Transition | Davos 2022 A comprehensive overview of carbon management and the opportunity it creates for companies like Svante positioned to deliver across the value chain. A comprehensive overview of carbon management and the opportunity it creates for companies like Svante positioned to deliver across the value chain. Often referred to as “Carbon Management”, carbon capture and carbon […]

CNA Insider | Climate Trailblazers: Reimagining Our Future | Video 

We’ve arrived at the dawn of a new industrial revolution. One where waste becomes resource, where materials get a valuable second life, or as many lives as possible. And where they are created much more efficiently. This short documentary examines the future of materials, from bioplastics to clothes made with the help of carbon emissions, […]

Webinar | Consensus: Carbon Capture in Colorado and the Southern Ute Indian Reservation

The United States Energy Association proudly hosted Coyote Clean Power (CCP), the Colorado Energy Office, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, and Svante, in a discussion around carbon capture in Colorado and the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Coyote Clean Power is a partnership between 8 Rivers Capital and the Southern Ute Growth Fund to develop, construct, and operate […]

Svante & Climeworks Discussion | Environmental Directions | Audio 

In this episode, Svante and Climeworks came together to breakdown their technologies behind carbon capture in an insightful conversation. Claude Letourneau, President & CEO of Svante, and Christoph Gebald, CEO & Founder of Climeworks, convey their approach for ongoing projects and how they are spearheading the path to commercialization.

La région de Vancouver est à la fine pointe de la capture de carbone | Radio-Canada

Entrevoyant un marché de la capture de carbone de plus en plus lucratif, des entreprises de partout au monde rivalisent d’imagination pour élaborer des techniques de captage qui restent abordables. Ces entreprises, dont plusieurs sont situées dans la région de Vancouver, espèrent ainsi en tirer des bénéfices dans un marché évalué à plus de 7,5 […]

Building a CO2 Marketplace – Energysource Innovation Stream with Svante

  Global Energy Forum 2021 | EnergySource Innovation Steam with Svante: Building a CO2 Marketplace  Claude Letourneau, the President and CEO of Svante, returns to EnergySource Innovation Steam programming to discuss how to build a CO2 marketplace business model where policies, finance, and industry players are aligned and making money. Claude will specifically focus on […]