5th Annual CleanTech Innovation Presentation

June 25, 2018 | Seattle, Washington Svante shared its innovative approach to tackling the global carbon emission challenges through distributed supply of CO2 at the 5th Annual CleanTechn Innovation Showcase, held June 25, 2018 in Seattle, WA. Twenty-four organizations, including national labs, prestigious universities, and major corporations, are handpicked from the submissions to present at this annual […]

Presentation: IEA’s CCUS Policy & Investment Workshop

June 13, 2018 | Paris, France Svante joined global industry leaders in France recently at the Intentional Energy Agency’s (IEA) CCUS Policy and Investment Workshop to discuss opportunities to accelerate commercial deployment of CCUS worldwide as a key emissions mitigation technology. Presenting during the session, “What role can CO₂ demand play in CCUS deployment,” Svante’s Co-Founder & […]

Presentation: IEA’s Clean Coal Technologies Conference 2017

May 10, 2017 | Cagliari, Italy Svante (formerly Inventys) presented at the Intentional Energy Agency (IEA) Clean Coal Centre’s 8th international conference on clean coal technologies (CCT2017) during May 2017 in Cagliari, Italy. CCT2017 provided a leading international forum for the showcasing and discussion of clean coal technologies and Inventys gave a first-look at its techno-economic analysis of using […]